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Craig R Smith

Craig Smith Explains True Wealth Simply!

George Gallup has prophetically stated that, "the next revival in America will be led by the laymen [read: businessmen] not the pastors."

Craig Smith speaks on money, stewardship, and giving like so few others because:

Craig Smith is "street smart," yet spiritually driven. He is the President of Swiss America, one of the nation's top gold and silver coin brokerages. His spiritual, business, church and personal life are in order -- which enables him to say what few Christians can regarding money and good stewardship. Smith's pastor, Tommy Barnett of Phoenix First Assembly, is well acquainted with Craig's "anointing" and frequently asks him to teach on these subjects ... with amazing results.

Craig Smith is inspirational, yet practical. For well over a decade now, Craig has researched the Biblical and Constitutional foundation of free market economics. He is driven by his vision of seeing Christian business people understand God's principles. As a faithful giver for many years, Craig speaks with great authority about stewardship. According to Smith, "Because GOD is a businessman, we, like Jesus are to be about His business -- bring an increase, and ultimately, filling the whole earth with the glory of God. This takes resources. God has access to everything and wants to turn it over to His children (to the degree that we can handle them righteously)." Smith tells pastors: "Have the courage to try posting the congregation's tithing records in the church lobby… that ought to separate the men from the boys! God is not our waiter, He is not interested in tips, but rather, our obedience."

True Wealth Online

Only 1 in 5 Christians tithe. Are 80% of Christians stingy, or just financially strapped? Sadly, most Christians are so busy trying to make ends meet that they're unaware of how our modern inflationary credit system is, in the words of the prophet Haggai, "like putting your wages in a pocket with holes in it" The goal of True Wealth is to help you understand money, stewardship and giving from a Biblical perspective.

True Wealth began airing in the fall of 1997 on Trinity Broadcasting Network (600 stations worldwide) as a 3 minute television feature during The Joy Program, hosted by Jay Jones. EST.

Coming Soon-- Audio and Video clips in Real Media.

Host Craig R. Smith embodies the message of True Wealth. Mr. Smith is a successful Christian businessman who has both the knowledge and the personality to teach biblical economics in a concise feature format. Smith's decade of broadcast experience (World Economic Perspective, World View Perspective, America Talks) on Christian economics has inspired tens of thousands to look at credit, debt, and money from a more biblical world view. But there is still much more to be done.

The danger is clear … and present. For over three generations our modern money system has been deceptively stripping us of our wealth and replacing it with debt (and credit) while gradually manipulating us toward a 100% cashless system. True Wealth promises to say it like it is according to the Word of God.

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